Sir David of Lee

Who I am

My name is Dave Lee. I am currently the VP, Head of Technology at MullenLowe US.

At MullenLowe I manage the Boston Development/QA team and help lead projects across all of our clients.

Building quality interactive experiences should always be a group effort, not a competition.

I work constantly to ensure our team is well equipped to meet any problems head-on with confidence. No matter how busy I am on any given day, I make sure I'm always available to help anyone or jump into any meetings.

As the Head of Technology I strive to ensure our team has everything we need to ensure we're delivering the best experiences across all devices and platforms. We work directly with Art Directors, Copywriters, and UX/UI Designers to ensure we all deliver exactly what our clients are looking for. In any digital projects we build, the user is the most important part of the experience.

When it comes to solving problems (cross-browser or otherwise), there's not such thing as a blackhole bug to me. If Edge isn't showing rendering an image, you might not have saved it with the right color profile. If something works great on Chrome for mobile but not on Android's terrrrrrrrible built in web browsers, it could be something as simple as a malformed meta tag. The key to solving any problem (Internet-related or not) is learning from all your past mistakes and thinking fast on your feet.

Things I've built

Resume [Download]

What I Know

HTML(5), SASS/CSS(3), JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Ruby, MySQL
React, Node.js, WordPress, Drupal, CakePHP, Ruby on Rails
AWS, Bash/Shell, Linux, VSCode, Git, Grunt, Gulp, Sketch, Adobe Suite, Final Cut Pro

Where I Learned

The New England Institute of Art
12/2007Bachelors of Science in Interactive Media Design

Where I’ve Worked

2012 – Present
3/2020 – PresentVP, Head of Technology
Lead and manage Development and QA across our US offices, drive new technologies/best practices, help guide the team across constantly moving technology and support the team in building awesome sites, front-to-back.
9/2019 – 3/2020Director of Technology
9/2017 – PresentAssociate Director of Technology
4/2017 – 9/2017Development Lead
9/2013 – 4/2017Senior Creative Technologist/Developer
4/2012 – 9/2013Developer
2008 to 2012
Hunt & Gather
8/2011 – 4/2012Development Lead
Lead Development Team and guide the development 
of all incoming websites while also building front and 
backends for sites.
8/2010 – 8/2011Senior Developer
4/2008 – 8/2010Developer
2007 – 2008
Walden Media
Independent Contractor
Designed and developed games, print pieces and 
anything else they needed.
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